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REVIEW: The One I Love

REVIEW: The One I Love

I can’t tell you too much about this Elizabeth Moss (“Mad Men”)/ Mark Duplass romancer because it would spoil it for you.   This one’s straight out of “Twilight Zone” territory.  I promise- it’s like no other love story you’ve ever seen.

Duplass and Moss  star as a married couple whose therapist prescribes a weekend getaway in Ojai, California where weird things start happening. Really weird. 

I really can’t say much more. Other than I positively loved this movie and HIGHLY recommend it. Don’t wait  for Netflix of  VOD because then  the surprise will be lost.

Moss is just fantastic in her first movie starring  role.

Oh- and this film has the best use of a  film-ending song : “This  is dedicated to the one I love” by the Mamas and Papas. You will never hear this song  the same way again.


4 stars


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